Executive Business Book Summaries Are Now Available in Comic Book Form

As busy executives and business owners struggle to keep up with the latest business concepts and stay abreast of news in the business world many of them turn to executive business book summaries. The problem lies in the fact that it’s not what we read but what we retain that is most important especially in today’s business climate. Now imagine the same business book summaries in the format of comics that engage multiple senses in the learning process.

A comic version of important business book summaries is the perfect solution for people with limited time who want to increase their knowledge base, save time and have fun in the process. The best part is that the visual power of comics combined with text helps you to:

1) Save time, your brain understands the concepts and ideas much quicker
2) Retain the information longer because of the illustrations used to convey the information
3) Have fun while getting smarter

Remember the days of pretending to read your text book in class when you were really using it to hide the fact you were actually reading a comic book. Imagine how much more interesting all those boring text books would have been if they were provided in comic book form. It is a proven fact that most of us are visual learners, and we recall most of our memories as pictures, so it stands to reason that when we learn with a fun and engaging medium that uses illustrations we will retain the concepts and be able to apply them more readily.

Executive business book summary comics are about the main message of the book. Each comic is an abridgment of an original book and clocks in at 50 to 80 illustrated pages. This amounts to a 30-to-40-minute read – quite a time savings compared to a traditional book read, and way more fun besides. You entertain yourself and get smarter, all in one stroke.

These business book cliff notes are available in eBook format for PC, Mac or iPad for convenience. Since the comics are read online, there’s no need to download software and updates of the books are automatic and free.

Whether you are looking to use the business book comic summaries for yourself or as a gift for the busy executive, entrepreneur or college student, the array of titles available will certainly provide something for everyone.