Motivational Books and Executive Business Book Summaries As Comic Books?

Spiderman, Superman, and Archie. These are the main characters that most people will think of when the subject of comic books is brought up. Assumed a child’s medium, comic books are rarely picked up by adults, let alone thought of as a business book for adults. They’re “just for kids” or “just for fun,” not for a business executive who wants to motivate them self in a limited amount of time… Right?


As busy executives and professionals try to grow their business, they find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. They know that reading is important to their growth, but that reading takes time, and time is scarce. To help change that, executive business books are now being summarized and illustrated into comic book format. An executive business book summary in a comic version is the perfect solution for people on the go who want to get smarter, save time, and have fun in the process. The visual power of comics combined with the text of a business book summary allows readers to comprehend and envision main ideas, messages, and tips quickly. With the combination of mediums shouldering a story line together, authors quite literally are able to put human faces on any given subject, making complex business ideas and techniques easy to understand and remember. Having static images mixed with the business book summary gives comics a sort of visual permanence, as opposed to the fleeting quality of films and live lectures. As most individuals are visual learners, the permanent visual quality of comics increases both understanding and retention of a subject, an obvious advantage for a fast-paced society where time is a valuable asset.

Next time you are rushing around the bookstore, don’t just walk by those comic books you see on the stands! Whether for you or as a gift, business book summaries in comic book form are the perfect way to get important reading done while having fun in the process!