Where to Get Small Business Books

There are many small business books out there to help get you started in your small business venture. Finding the right one is difficult to do though. However, it is a good idea to pick up more than one. Right! Go to your library and pick up at least five business books that will teach and assist you on how to come with the right business plan, which will point you in the right direction. You can snuggle up in bed every night and read a few chapters to get you started.

The number one reason why people fail in starting their own business is because they do not have enough knowledge to get past business obstacles. This also counts with experience too. If you have never ran a business before, you will not get very far unless you read small business books that will show you how to put a business plan together, how to get funding and how to advertise and market your business successfully.

Many successful authors have published books like this, just for the public to study these and get their own business to kick off at a starting run. These authors have been through all of the top business mistakes themselves and have even had to start over again just to succeed. They have been through a course of months, even years sometimes. Just by reading a few books you can save yourself a lot of time and a ton of money. It never hurts to educate yourself and to be honest checking out library books or researching the internet is so easy to do plus it is absolutely free.

There is a wealth of information on the internet and if you are looking for new and established books try looking into Amazon. There are practically tons of business books to choose from. You can start learning about the top business mistakes or even 100 ways to advertise and market your business. They also have more informative books with lengthy details on each step to take rather than lists or ideas. It really depends on what you prefer reading and what your needs are. Amazon is great because they provide in depth reviews on the particular book so before you read it, you will not waste your time since other people have discussed the specific book you are looking at. There also other online book stores that provide some of the same services.

How to Benefit From Reading a Business Book

Business books can be broken down into four categories:

  • Celebrities endorsed
  • Highly researched and informative
  • Me too
  • Effective strategies

Celebrities Endorsed:

Celebrities endorsed business books are those written in the name of or for celebrity entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Robert Kiyosaki. In most cases these books do not have an eye catching title because what sells is the name of the individual. This is why if you notice, their names fill the entire cover and the titles of the books are written in small prints.

These ones are also divided into three categories:

1. The one written by the celebrity himself when he was not a celebrity, which are usually really good because at that time they were trying to make their names therefore had to produce great content.

2. The ones they wrote when they were already successful which in most cases are not that good. They contain all the usual I did it so you can do it mumbo-jumbo completely removed from reality.

3. The ones written in their names by some smart person who understands the power of a name. In most instances these ones are also not that good because the celebrity never takes the time to read the manuscript, he never knows what is written in his name.

Highly Researched and Informative:

Highly researched and informative business books are books written mostly by academics or business journalist based upon solid research. They are usually well written in academic or journalistic style and languages and they can be really informative. Examples of these types of books are:

– Good to Great by Jim Collins,
– Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras,
– Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne and Value Pricing by Ron Baker.

These are really good books which are very informative and they divulge lots of great information. The only problem with these types of books is they are very complex to comprehend. Even if you read them five or ten times and get to understand the principles; implementing the information in them in your business is difficult. This is because even though they reveal best practices, they do not teach you how to implement those best practices in your business. Like typical intellectuals the writers know their stuff however they do not know how to implement them, therefore cannot show someone else how to implement their ideas.

Me Too:

Me too business books are written by want-to-be experts, who just write books just to be able to say I have written a book. In most cases there are no substances to their books and they do not reveal anything. Their goal for writing books is not to provide information but simple to say, I have written a book on this subject therefore I am an expert.

Effective Strategies:

Effective strategies business books are those written for the purpose of providing information and showing readers how to implement that information in their businesses. Like the highly researched and informative, they provide really good content. The difference between the Highly researched and informative and the Effective strategies is that, the Effective strategies show readers how to implement their theories and ideas.

These are usually written by sophisticated marketing experts who might be expert in their field and also good marketers. As a result of their expertise in their field, they understand the subject matter. But because they are also experts in marketing, they know how to present information in a way that it is quickly assimilated.

How to Benefit from Reading a Business Book:

To be able to derive the maximum benefit from reading a business book, you need to firstly identify your goal for reading the book. For example if you were travelling from London to New York and you needed a book to wear away time on the flight or you were going for a sales meeting and you needed motivation, then I will recommend the Celebrities endorsed business books. Those are written for the sole purpose of motivation.

If your objective for reading a business book is to gain knowledge to implement in your business, I will recommend the combination of the Highly researched and informative business books and the Effective strategies business books. You could read the Effective strategies business books and gain tones of information that can be implemented in your business. However, if you needed complete knowledge base, you will do well reading the two sets of books.

One last piece of advice, if you want to speed read to be able to go through a lot of information within a short time frame, I will recommend that you adopt the following strategies:

  • Ignore 80 percent of all information in any book you read because it is useless to you
  • Read the table of contents, preface, introduction and summary first
  • Breeze through the book with lightning speed

It is only after you have taken the above three steps that you can start reading the book. Reading the contents, preface, introduction and summary would give you an idea of what the book is about. When you scan through it with lightning speed, you familiarise yourself with most of the contents. By the time you really start reading the book, you would have absorbed about 50 percent of the information that will be useful to you.

Remember 80 percent of the information in any book is of no use to you. Your job will be to identify the 20 percent that you can use

Writing Business Book Reviews – Simple Instructions From an English Class Dropout to You

A business book review is a great way for any consultant, sales professional or thought leader in the business arena to demonstrate expertise and pre-sell products and services. This is particularly true when your business book review is syndicated online and gives the readers of your reviews an easy way to connect to a targeted landing page or business presence online.

If you are an independent consultant, salesperson or consultative entrepreneur, you can use business book reviews as a promotional vehicle by offering them to targeted local community publications or even trade specialty publications.

5 Simple Steps to a Great Business Book Review

If you’ve never written a book review, here’s a template for writing useful business book reviews even if you flunked (or stumbled through) all your high school writing classes.

1. Attention-grabbing Introduction section

One of the realities of using book reviews in the ways that I describe above is that they must be at least slightly entertaining or engaging by themselves. As a matter of fact, they must be engaging first before they inform. That’s how you will get your book reviews consistently read.

2. Background (or context)

A book review is incomplete if you don’t help your reader understand the context surrounding the book. For instance, the author of the book might also be the head of an organization that sells services related to the theme of the book, or may be an outcast in the community of his expertise (which may give the reader critical “extra information” that helps them judge what they read).

One excellent reviewer I came across even differentiates between the “background” and the “deep background” of the books in this excellent business book reviews.

3. The Book

In this section you break down the main components of the book. These break downs could be according to the parts or the chapters of the book. You may also ignore the structure of the content and just deliver the main points of the book in your own words and sequences.

A great way to do this is to identify the author’s stated goals for the book and share your opinion as to whether the author fell short, met, or exceeded their goal and why you think so. Don’t be afraid to use this area to illustrate some of the key concepts communicated by the author.

4. What You Liked

Immediately following your summary of the book’s key concepts, you can share what you liked or were impressed by (if anything). You’ll generally have a broad selection of areas to choose from:

  • Author tone, authority or approach
  • Key concepts
  • Communication format of those concepts
  • Use of examples, quotes, case studies
  • Sequencing of ideas
  • Assessments, tools and extras

Any one of these areas can give you all the substance you need to engagingly communicate your impressions while giving your reader a strong sense of what the book is about and how it tries to accomplish its purpose.

5. Dislikes or Holes in the book

For both personal and promotional reasons, I like to find something I dislike, or at least find a deficiency within every business book I read. Even with books that I am overwhelmingly impressed by, I look for “holes” in the scope of the book…if only as an exercise in intellectual acuity and critical thinking.

Always make sure you are being fair to the author and displaying intellectual honesty when you use this tactic. It’s not okay to just throw up anything for the purpose of having a “bone to pick” with the author.

This last step is also a critical skill to master if you write book and product reviews for online affiliate marketing purposes.