10 Tips About How To Successfully Write Your First Business Book

You have started a company from scratch and journeyed from a one-man operations to having a significant number of branches around the country. You have developed a trusted brand with a big group of loyal customers.

But you are now interested in taking a backseat and need a successor to your business empire.

You are advised that it will be an opportune time to put on your thinking cap and write a business book to give readers clear glimpse of your corporate journey and hope that this book will attract more candidates to come forward and be the next leader of your organisation.

You start to have doubts because you have not written a book before and you are not sure about how readers will react to your writing.

Well here are some clear tips about writing your first business book.

Tip 1: Be Truthful

You do not want to write a book of corporate fiction because the business book will be your legacy after you leave the organisation. Your successors will use it for guidance and inspiration. Also. your shareholders will read it and solidify their faith in buying your company’s shares.

Tip 2: Do Not Be Arrogant

It is so easy to write a business book and use it to loudly broadcast about your achievements through the years. This is a short-sighted attitude. Do remember to thank different people who have guided and mentored you by name. Running a successful business is definitely a team effort.

Tip 3: Management Gems

Every reader willing to invest in buying your business book will want to get some precious takeaways. Thus do be liberal in describing some management gems that business students can reference in their own studies.

Tip 4: Legal Guidance

It is a good practise to run your finished draft with a legal expert in order to avoid revealing too much corporate private information that may compromise the future competitiveness of your organisation. It must be remembered that even your competitors will get hold of your business book.

Tip 5: Editorial Assistance

You have to decide if you need editorial assistance in getting your book finished. This may be the most preferable way because you have still to face the day-to-day running of the organisation to contend with.

Tip 6: The Path Of Self-Publishing

Your organisation may feel that self-publishing may be the best path forward in order to keep to the spirit of the book’s material. This may not be a bad idea and you may progressively invite your senior management to jump onto the bandwagon and write their own books under your company’s own publishing arm.

Tip 7: The Foreword And Reviews

It is essential that you choose a trusted name in your industry to write a foreword for your business book and a number of industry leaders to write their own reviews of your business book. Do not dictate how they should craft their reviews. Be totally transparent and above-board in this process.

Tip 8: Audio Format

It is not uncommon to do an audio format of your book. It will also be more personal if you are to read the entire book. However, do take note that you may need to get your book edited in order to make it suitable for this format,

Tip 9: Create A Workbook

As your business book is full of business wisdom, do be mindful of creating a workbook to complement it. A simple quide can be putting open-ended questions that reference to your main business book. You can also bundle books together and offer a student discount.

Tip 10: Speaking Circuit

After publishing your business book, it will be a good time to go on a speaking circuit or be part of a TED Talk. This will enable you to promote your book and to answer questions from your readers.

All the best to your writing journey.

About Business Books

Business books have greatly increased in number in the last few years as more and more difficulties are appearing each year in the pursuit to open a good business and keeping it over water level so that it will not eventually sink. To be as direct as possible the main purpose of business books is to help anyone that is interested in opening or running a business. This way the business books that are available on the market today are separated into two distinct categories: the books that are focused on offering solutions on how to open a new business and how to get passed all the difficult processes that have to be completed while doing so, and the books that are focused on beefing up your managerial skills so that you may keep your business running just as it is doing so far or even improve on the way you are managing.

Business books that are focused around the process of starting a new business will offer you valuable tips on how ti make original ideas stick and seem appealing to the majority of the consumer population and also tips on how to get passed all the processes that have to be passed before greeting your first customer. Bureaucracy, financial problems, approvals and proper infrastructure are subject that are covered in detail by these books and will give you all the tools necessary to make it through the long run. These books can also be found as business books on CD so that you may listen to them and imagine that you are having a pleasant and fruitful conversation with one of your friends on how to start a new business and what to watch out for when doing so.

Business books that are focused around managerial education have the tendency to dig deep into your personality and show you basic guidelines on how to become more confident in your own powers and abilities and how you can use the gifts that you already have in order to rule over your employees in a positive manner and also receive a bundle of positive results at the same time. Subjects such as strategies, confidence, communication, office relations, promotions, new business ideas, sales and more are covered by these books however each book covers only one or two subjects at a time. There is not a book available on the market right now to cover all the important aspects of managerial education… it would have to be several thousand pages thick.

In the case that you are not sure regarding the book your must purchase you can always read some free book summaries that can be easily found on the web. All that is left for you to do now is start reading.

Executive Business Book Summaries Are Now Available in Comic Book Form

As busy executives and business owners struggle to keep up with the latest business concepts and stay abreast of news in the business world many of them turn to executive business book summaries. The problem lies in the fact that it’s not what we read but what we retain that is most important especially in today’s business climate. Now imagine the same business book summaries in the format of comics that engage multiple senses in the learning process.

A comic version of important business book summaries is the perfect solution for people with limited time who want to increase their knowledge base, save time and have fun in the process. The best part is that the visual power of comics combined with text helps you to:

1) Save time, your brain understands the concepts and ideas much quicker
2) Retain the information longer because of the illustrations used to convey the information
3) Have fun while getting smarter

Remember the days of pretending to read your text book in class when you were really using it to hide the fact you were actually reading a comic book. Imagine how much more interesting all those boring text books would have been if they were provided in comic book form. It is a proven fact that most of us are visual learners, and we recall most of our memories as pictures, so it stands to reason that when we learn with a fun and engaging medium that uses illustrations we will retain the concepts and be able to apply them more readily.

Executive business book summary comics are about the main message of the book. Each comic is an abridgment of an original book and clocks in at 50 to 80 illustrated pages. This amounts to a 30-to-40-minute read – quite a time savings compared to a traditional book read, and way more fun besides. You entertain yourself and get smarter, all in one stroke.

These business book cliff notes are available in eBook format for PC, Mac or iPad for convenience. Since the comics are read online, there’s no need to download software and updates of the books are automatic and free.

Whether you are looking to use the business book comic summaries for yourself or as a gift for the busy executive, entrepreneur or college student, the array of titles available will certainly provide something for everyone.